It’s Ivy & Kite Man’s big day in ‘Harley Quinn’ 2×13 “The Runaway Bridesmaid” stills

Possible spoilers ahead!

Buckle up Harlivy fans, because DC Universe has released a whole bunch of stills from the season two finale, titled “The Runaway Bride”!

In the season two finale, nothing screams season finale more than a big wedding!  As Ivy and Kite Man make final preparations, their special day is threatened to be derailed by an overzealous and scorned Commissioner Gordon who can’t resist the opportunity to crash a party attended by all of Gotham’s biggest villains.  In the end, Ivy and Kite Man’s best chance at a happily ever after is for Harley to come to the rescue…that is if she can first sort out her own feelings for Ivy.

Check out the stills below!

Harley Quinn “The Runaway Bride” airs Friday 25 June on DC Universe.

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