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Here’s the rumoured leaked “Spider-Man 3” title

As set production on the third instalment of Marvel Studios and Sony’s Spider-Man franchise is excitedly beginning, there’s a rumour that the official title may have leaked online.

According to Murphy’s Multiverse, there are two separate listings from Esquire and Maxim on their upcoming superhero films pages which refer to the film as Spider Man: Homesick.

It’s already been confirmed that the word “home” will continue to be featured in the title of the Spidey film, following Homecoming and Far From Home, so this could be a good bet. We know the Peter will be on the run from the law following Mysterio’s leaked footage framing him, and if casting rumours are true, Kraven the Hunter may also be involved.

Whether or not this is the official title remains to be seen, it may in fact simply be the working title, but we did find out about Endgame when the composer leaked it on his CV.