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Harley Quinn 2×10 “Dye Hard” Review

Warning: contains spoilers!

As the end of second season is looming, the HQ writer’s have clearly upped the stakes in a brilliantly constructed episode, as Harley’s arc comes full circle in “Dye Hard”. Following last week’s utterly heartbreaking conclusion in Themyscira, Harley attempts to forget Ivy by hooking up with a rebound, but instead ends up bumping into the man she’s been trying to escape from this whole time!

In a surprisingly Ivy-free episode, Harley inadvertently ends up reconnecting with the now-sane Joker as she attempts to let loose at the swanky bar in Wayne Tower. Turns out her ex is working there as a mixologist and following a nod to the 80s film from the title, the two become handcuffed together in a hostage situation – awkward… Meanwhile, Gordon finds himself having to deal with a rising ParaDemon infestation as it appears they have a mysterious new master.

As Harley’s stepped out of the shadow of her former ex, this season has primarily focused on her coming to terms with her emotions and motives, whilst learning to deal with the consequences of her actions. Harley’s gone through a ton of personal growth in her sophomore outing, with the writer’s providing a wonderful character arc for Kaley Cuoco’s character. With Ivy out of the picture (for now), Harley finds herself having to decide whether she’s the hero or villain of her tale as she has to go up against one of her former team mates in a surprising betrayal.

Yep, following his departure from Team Harley in “Inner (Para) Demons”, the misogynist Dr Psycho has switched sides and teamed up with the (now swole!) Riddler in an attempt to best Harley and finally take over Gotham. Using his mind control powers, Dr Psycho takes over the parademons, King Shark and Clay Face in an attempt to try and take down Harley and Gordon in a low blow of an assault. Thanks to an emotional sacrifice by Sy, the gang just about manage to escape the ambush, but in order to save Gotham and retrieve the Justice League, Harley must do the unthinkable…


Closing with a shocking cliffhanger as Harley wrestles with pushing the newly reformed Joker back into the vat of acid, reverting him to his once evil state, the writers have clearly upped the stakes for an exciting season finale. Harley’s journey to retrieve the Justice League from the Book of Fables sets up an exciting climatic battle between the Gotham City Sirens/Birds of Prey and the Justice League vs the Joker, Riddler, Dr Psycho and his parademons – I genuinely cant wait!