Game of Thrones: HBO Confirms Jon Snow’s Parents

Spoilers Ahead!

HBO’s official production blog ‘Making Game of Thrones‘ has pretty much confirmed just who Jon Snow’s parents are following that huge Tower of Joy revelation in season 6’s finale. The blog has released the following crazily complicated yet lovely looking infographic that details all the key player’s relationships at that key moment in GoT history. So the “R+L = J” fan theory is official! Check it out below…


But the big question is did Rhaegar actually abduct Lyanna or did they run off into the sunset together? The infographic seems to confirm what has been told of the two so far in Game of Thrones; that the prince did indeed abduct Lyanna, but quite a lot of fans seem to think the two were in love and ran away together. Rhaeger was married to Elia Martell and Lyanna was engaged to Robert Baratheon at the time, so that makes the whole being together thing a little complicated! Littlefinger told Sansa the story that Prince Rhaegar Targaryen rode past his own wife, Elia Martell, to give Lyanna Stark his winner’s crown of roses at a tourney hosted at Harrenhal. Shortly after this event, the prince rode off with Lyanna, sparking Robert’s rebellion against the Targaryen’s.

So what is the truth? Maybe that’s something we’ll find out in season 7 of the show, but there’s no denying that Jon is of Targaryen blood.


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