First look at Alice Eve in Iron Fist series 2 set photos

Filming is currently underway for Iron Fist series 2 and thanks to Finn Jones Central, we have our first look at Alice Eve’s character!

The Star Trek into Darkness actress was announced to join the cast back in December 2017 and we haven’t really heard anything since, but looking at the photos, could she be an ally to Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist? It looks like she’s helping an injured protector of K’un-L’un in a warehouse, possibly calling for backup?

Check out the images below!

Both characters are wearing hoodies and are in inconspicuous clothes, are they undercover or on the run from someone/something? Without any official plot details it’s difficult to know what team Alice Eve’s character is on, but I’m sure we’ll get a trailer very soon! So what do you think of these images? Let us know in the comments below!

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season Two has yet to receive an official release date but is most likely to premiere in 2019.

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