Eye in the Sky, Bastille Day & The Jungle Book Review

In this episode we review Eye in the Sky, The Jungle Book & Bastille Day. We also talk about our top 5 favourite Disney classics, the newest trailer releases and we also review the latest The Flash episode and the season finale of Better Call Saul.

00:00-00:30 Intro

00:50-03:19 Top 5 Disney Classics

03:19-14:45 Eye in the Sky Review

14:45-20:01 Bastille Day Review

20:01-28:45 The Jungle Book Review

28:45-33:56 New Trailer Releases

33:56-38:33 The Flash “Versus Zoom” Review

38:33-44:00 Better Call Saul Season Finale Review

44:00-44:53 Outro




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