Episode #98 – The Grinch Review + Interview with DC Titans’ Beast Boy – Ryan Potter

In this episode we review the latest Illumination Studio film – The Grinch. We’re also joined by actor Ryan Potter who plays fan favourite Beast Boy in DC’s latest TV series Titans and in this weeks Hulk Topics we discuss when the best time to start watching Christmas films is – enjoy!

00:00:00 – 00:23:35 – Intro & AHWTH
00:23:35 – 00:34:24 – The Grinch Review
00:34:24 – 00:51:54 – Ryan Potter Interview
00:51:54 – 01:09:33 – Hulk Topics
01:09:33 – 01:11:25 – Outro



Watch interview with Ryan Potter in animated form

Our latest video animation – An interview with Ryan Potter who plays Beast Boy in the new DC Titans TV Show. Titans episodes airing now – coming to netflix soon!



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