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Eka Darville Talks About His Role In Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones: Eka Darville on His Character Malcolm…

So Jessica Jones has hit Netflix, and it is pretty amazing, if you haven’t watched it yet I really recommend it. One character I found myself really interested in was Malcolm, Jessica’s neighbour. At the start of the series he was portrayed as the junkie that Jessica needed to save, but once you get a bit further into the series you realise he’s a bit more involved in her story than you think.

Eka Darville has been talking about how he prepared for his role “Malcolm suffers from drug addiction. Part of the prep for a character who’s going through that kind of experience with drugs, and in particular heroin, is understanding the psychology behind that addiction and how it plays out in people’s lives. I did a lot of research. I watched every dude on YouTube filming themselves going through detox. It’s a weird and dark little corner of the internet, and I spent a lot of time going there. The most interesting part is the bargaining and the denial, and just the degree of self-talk and psychosis that goes into convincing those people around you that you’re fine. There’s very definitive behavioral things that come along with that”.

He also comments on his audition for the character, “The only thing that clued me into the fact that this might be important was that the audition sides had Netflix and Marvel on as the two producing houses. Other than that, it was a couple of lines and these weird, obscure scenes with some dude eating peanut butter. I was just like, “Okay, whatever. I’m just going to have fun with this.” It was a series regular role, so I knew that much, but from the initial sides that they sent through it was a total surprise. I think it was my second callback, they gave me all new scenes that they had just written for it and all of sudden the character had some meat to him. Before that it was flying blind.”

Jessica Jones is on currently streaming on Netflix, go and check it out!




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