Dr Who ‘Hell Bent’ Season Finale Trailer

Spoilers ahead for Dr Who Episode ‘Heaven Sent’…

After the latest episode of Doctor Who I cannot wait for Sunday’s finale – there’s so many questions that need answering! The Dr is the hybrid?! The Dr was stuck in his confession dial for how long?! Who actually sent him into the confession dial in the first place?! Most importantly, what was that weird cog monster that kept killing the Dr?!

Anyway, what we do know about the finale is that the Dr is back on Gallifrey and the time lords don’t seem to pleased to see him! Watch the trailer below to find out more…


“The Hybrid will stand in the ruins of Gallifrey and destroy a billion hearts to heal his own…”


There’s a bit of extra footage in the ‘next time’ trailer feature below…


“Regeneration in process…”


Wow, so we have an amazingly dramatic prophey, another appearance from Ashildr and a possible regeneration. I’m really hoping this Dr Who finale will give us the answers to all the questions raised throughout the series, as I’ve really enjoyed it so far. I think Peter Capaldi has been incredible this whole series, his delivery of the war speech in ‘The Zygon Inversion’ really won me over, so I’m hoping it’s not going to be his last. Also, I hope Missy returns for the finale, I’ve missed her!

Doctor Who: Hell Bent will be aired on Saturday 5th December BBC 1 at 8 pm.


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