Disney+ releases first look at ‘Wandavision’, ‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’ & ‘Loki’

During the Super Bowl LIV last night, Disney+ released a 30 second promotional spot debuting our first look at new Marvel series’ Wandavision, The Falcon & Winter Soldier and Loki.

Spotted in the brief footage for The Falcon & Winter Soldier is Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson training to use Captain America’s iconic shield, our first look at USAgent on an American football field and Bucky Barnes holding up a gun to Zemo’s head.

From the trippy Wandavision footage we see Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet reuniting with Vision in a strange 1950s sitcom-esque household, with Wanda wearing numerous outfits including her comic accurate headgear.

And finally for Loki we simply see the God of mischief in what looks like a prison uniform declaring, “I’m gonna burn this place to the ground.”

Check out the promo below!

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is set for release on Disney+ in August 2020,WandaVision is coming in an undisclosed date in 2020 and Loki will debut last in spring 2021.

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