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Deadpool Smashes Opening Weekend Box Office Expectations!

Deadpool has taken the box office by storm on it’s opening weekend!

A controversial R-rated film (15 in the UK) that studios weren’t interested in and eventually took around 8 years to actually be made, has taken everyone by surprise with a $135 million three day opening weekend performance in the US! The film has already taken £13.8m in the UK and the global total is up to $260m so far. Not bad for a film  with a $60m budget!

This amazing performance has shattered the record for the biggest opening weekend ever for an R-rated movie, beating last year’s record-setting $85.2 million February debut of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It’s also shattered the biggest opening weekend ever for a film released in February and is now 20th Century Fox’s biggest ever opening weekend!



IMAX screenings have taken an estimated $16.8 million of “Deadpool’s” total too.

This movie is the very definition of an expectation-buster. Nobody saw this coming.” commented Paul Dergarabedian, comScore’s senior media analyst. “It doesn’t feel like a cookie-cutter superhero movie. It feels like something unique. You’ve got to sometimes take risks and go against conventional wisdom to come out a winner.”

For a film that was only considered to be made when the test footage was leaked to an overwhelmingly positive reaction, it’s done pretty well for itself! And with the post-credits scene teasing a sequel with Cable, things are definitely looking positive for Ryan Reynolds and co.!



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