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Daredevil: New Poster Featuring The Hand

With only two weeks to go to the new series of Daredevil (YES!) Marvel have released a new poster showcasing Matt Murdock as Hornhead facing off against the supervillain organisation, The Hand. Check it out below!


If you’re not familiar with The Hand, they are an order of evil ninjas who are most likely behind any big assassination or organised crime; they’re pretty much Marvel’s version of DC’s League of Assassins.

The organisation first appeared in Dardevil volume 1 #174 and were founded in 1588 in Japan, but now operate internationally. Members of The Hand practice powerful magic and can kill a person then revive them to become a servant of the ninjas. Dark…

With the introduction of Elektra in this series, The Hand are surely connected as the organisation trained her as an assassin, but who is their target?


Daredevil returns to Netflix on March 18.

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