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Comic book review: X-O Manowar #13

blankX-O Manowar #13
Valiant Comics

Written by: Matt Kindt
Art by: Ryan Bodenheim
The alien-armored warrior called X-O Manowar once commanded the most formidable army the alien world of Gorin had ever known. Now, his comrades have been forsaken, his crown has been commandeered, and his power has been rejected by the very subjects he once ruled. But he still has his sword…and a never-ending furnace of fury drawn from deep within…

Kindt now begins to tie up the story lines taking place on Gorin and reminds the reader of exactly where Aric comes from and hints at the unfinished work he has on Earth. With the bounty hunters swiftly, and brutally dispatched, Bruto skulking off and a loving Farrell given to Schon, Aric bids farewell to the politics of being emperor and realises his true role as defender and protector, a warrior not a politician, beautifully demonstrated when Aric decides to fight without his armour and only a sword, showing his fighting prowess is his own, merely enhanced by the armour.blank

The art work by Bodenheim is, as always, on point, there’s some brilliantly drawn farewell scenes with the setting sun as the backdrop. My personal favourite panel, is the illustration depecting Aric silhouetted at his sons graveside, the lights of his armour starkly shining, it’s as particularly poignant moment if the possible reason for his sons death is to be believed.

With the final panels showing Aric asking his armour, Shanhara, not to speak and flying off towards the sun, seemingly showing an attempt to return to Earth, I’m keen to see how this next leg of his journey turns out!

Rating: 7/10