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Comic Book Review: Midnight Mystery #2

Midnight Mystery #2
Alterna Comics

Written & drawn by: Bernie Gonzalez
Letters by: Wes Locher
Alterna bring us the second issue of Midnight Mystery, the new supernatural mini series from Bernie Gonzalez. This issue continues the story from the first issue, with Zeke tracking down the lost son of Hollywood ham Count Karloff, and stumbling into an arcane right that intends to resurrect the dead actor into the body of his son.

This is another nice issue, with dead actors, possessed skulls and a short flashback to the lead characters past. I’m hoping this is something that will be further explored, as two issues in we know very little about PI Zeke. Not that this is a bad thing, as it looks like the writer and artist of the series has plans to fill out the back story as he goes along, and I don’t mind waiting.

Once again, the art is consistent with the tone of the story. Cartoony, but clear, and with a muted colour palette that suits the tone of the script. There’s a bit of a twist ending too, that may, or may not, set us up for the following two issues, and a retro advert in the back pages that will make older readers smile.

If you enjoy spooky episodic stories, Midnight Mystery is for you. My one complaint is a small one, but there’s quite a lot of exposition from all the characters, and I would enjoy seeing the art do more of the story telling than the script. We get a lot of monologues from people telling us what is happening, or what has happened, but that’s maybe a minor gripe here, and one that may get ironed out with experience.

Once again can I urge you all to order Midnight Mystery, and check out Alterna’s other amazing titles. They are at such a low price point that I don’t hesitate to get you to pick them up whenever you see them, and if you don’t like them, give them to someone else – at a buck an issue in the UK, there’s really not a lot at stake to check these titles out!