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Comic Book Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #2

The Amazing Spider-Man #2
Marvel Comics

Written by: Nick Spencer
Pencils by: Ryan Ottley
Inks by: Cliff Rathburn
Colours by: Laura Martin
Letters by: Joe Caramagnan

Spidey’s back as writer Nick Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley continue their brilliantly fun run with everyone’s favourite wisecracking web-slinger! After the fantastic first issue I couldn’t wait to read more, and boy did this not disappoint.

Following his firing from the Daily Bugle because of a plagiarism blow, you know the time when Otto Octavius was in Peter’s body, Parker is having to go back to class and finish his dissertation at the Empire State University. But guess who turns out to be his new lecturer – only a reinstated Dr. Curt Connors/supervillain The Lizard! It seems as though Peter has hit rock bottom, but his super cute blossoming romance with Mary Jane Watson seems to be keeping him in good spirits as he fights a pair of Z list villains. “He seems like he’s in a really positive place.” “Yeah, good for him.”

The Amazing Spider-Man #2 is such a charming issue, and it seems as though Spencer and Ottley are having a real blast with this run. Parker is back to being the classic wisecracking friendly neighbourhood spider that I’ve missed, and seeing him and MJ (sort of) back together again is a good bit of fan service, as they have a pretty touching moment at the start of the issue. I also really enjoyed the appearance from Taskmaster and Black Ant and the ensuing fight against Spider-Man was pretty hilarious, apparently Taskmaster is pretty sensitive when it comes to asking about his mask – oh the Spidey quips! The cliffhanger left me pretty perplexed though…

Once again the art by Ryan Ottley is just sublime, I honestly think he may be one of my favourite Spidey artists! His distinctively angular style works so well for both Peter Parker and the web slinger, and he brings just so much expression to the characters. The colours from Laura Martin partnered so well with Ottley’s art, especially in the action sequences – the panel with Spidey jumping through the green fog had to be one of my favourites. The new iterations of Lizard, Taskmaster, and Black Ant also shone, and I’m intrigued to see more of Lizard!

The Amazing Spider-Man #2 continues to be a really promising start to a really fun and classic feeling Spidey story, especially following the revelation at the end of the issue. It’s great to see Peter back to basics as he’s in class and back with MJ – it seems as though Spencer isn’t constrained and bogged down with events or continuity, so he can spend more time having fun with the character. Anyone else a little confused by the cold opening with the elephants though? Think this will play a part further down the line? Overall, I really enjoyed this fun and carefree issue and can’t wait for issue 3!

Rating: 9.5 out of 10