‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star Stephanie Beatriz is dying to play Marvel’s ‘She-Hulk’

Stephanie Beatriz, everyone’s favourite tough detective on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has admitted that she’s dying to play She Hulk in the upcoming Disney+ Series – and I can’t stop thinking about how that’s the perfect casting!

Following the surprising announcement of the series at the Disney+ panel at D23, fan-casting has become rife on the internet, with a lot of outpouring for Beatriz to pick up the mantle. In a recent interview with ET, the Nine-Nine star revealed that she’s read the support from fans and would love to play the role!

“I would die to play that role,” Beatriz recently told ET’s Brice Sander at NBC’s Comedy Starts Here event. “That is so flattering. That is one of the best characters in that universe.”

“I definitely have upped my workouts since reading some of those things,” said Beatriz, adding, “But also, [I think it would] be really exciting for fans to see some of these characters that we kind of decided are one thing, to sort of be imagined in a different way.”

Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk was created by Stan Lee and John Buscema and first appeared in Savage She-Hulk #1 back in February, 1980. In the comics, Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banners and gained her (milder) Hulk powers following a blood transfusion from Banner.

So what do you think of this possible casting? Let us know in the comments below!

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