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Amazon Prime Video confirms ‘Wrath of Man’ UK streaming date

Streaming service Amazon Prime Video has finally unveiled that they’ll be premiering Guy Ritchie’s action film Wrath of Man in the UK and Ireland this December. The film, which is based on the French film Le Convoyeur, was originally released in the US back in May this year.

The auteur will reunite with superstar Jason Statham for the first time in fifteen years, in this explosive revenge thriller. After a deadly ambush on one of its armoured cars, Los Angeles-based Fortico Securities hires a mysterious new employee, Patrick Hill (Jason Statham), who becomes known simply as “H.” As he learns the ropes from partner Bullet (Holt McCallany), H initially appears to be a quiet, keep-your-head down type, simply there to do a job and earn a living. But when he and Bullet become the targets of an attempted robbery, H’s formidable skills are revealed. Not only is he an expert marksman who’s equally adept at hand-to-hand combat, H is fearless, ruthless and lethal.

In truth, H is an undercover crime boss desperately searching for a way to avenge the murder of his beloved son. His quest takes an expected turn when a cadre of ex-military men, led by the clever, calculating Jackson (Jeffrey Donovan), plots a once-in-a-lifetime heist that will bring them a windfall of millions. What they fail to realize is that the high-stakes job will also set them on a violent collision course with the wrathful H.

Wrath of Man features a stellar line-up including Jason Statham, Holt McCallanyJeffrey DonovanJosh HartnettNiamh AlgarLaz AlonsoScott Eastwood and Eddie Marsan.

The film is set to stream on Amazon Prime Video UK from December.