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Amazon Prime Video announce special “Truth Seekers” escape room!

In celebration of the 30th October launch of Truth Seekers on Amazon Prime Video, fans of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg should get ready to embark on a paranormal investigation from the comfort of their homes.

From 23rd October through 18th November, Prime Video will be hosting The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure. This 45-minute virtual escape room game will be available to fans around the world to participate in remotely for free in collaboration with The Escape Game.

The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure puts players at the center of a thrilling paranormal investigation. Players are enlisted by Elton (Samson Kayo) and Gus (Nick Frost) to help him and the rest of the Truth Seekers restore 6G signal at a museum in Weymouth and recover the artifact causing the disruption.

Upon entering The Truth Seekers Remote Adventure, players will be greeted by two team members from The Escape Game: The Host and The Game Guide. The Host will be on the video call with the players and interacts with them throughout the experience, aiding in the flow of the game and giving hints when necessary. The Game Guide is in the game on-location and will be outfitted with a camera and headlamp rigged up to a helmet. They are each team’s eyes, ears, hands, and feet, and will take commands from the players to facilitate solving challenges. A bit more on the mechanics of this can be found in this video example.

Upon embarking on the game, players will enter into a museum filled with occult artifacts and other Easter eggs from the show. They’ll discover a hidden door in Dr. Peter Toynbee’s office leading into a heavily protected Praecepta Mortourum. Players will interact with The Truth Seekers as they journey through the museum and experience paranormal events. The game culminates in a fast-paced search for the code to escape danger after players disturb the spirits in the museum by taking the Praecepta Mortuorum off the pedestal. Each team will participate in hopes of reaching safety and officially joining the Truth Seekers team.

Interested in signing up? To embark on this journey, book you and your team of investigators in at