Podcast #75 – Cloverfield Paradox + Altered Carbon

In this episode we review the latest films we’ve watched including Cloverfield Paradox, I,Tonya, Shape of Water and Best Friends. We also chat about Altered Carbon, the Super Bowl trailers and are joined by Reilly Dolman from Travelers, enjoy!

00:00 – 06:03 Intro + At Home with the Hulks
06:03 – 27:13 Film Roundup
27:13 – 46:03 TV Times
46:03 – 46:45 BodySnatchers Podcast Ad
46:45 – 01:05:55 Hulk Topics – SuperBowl
01:05:55 – 01:25:56 Reilly Dolman Interview
01:25:56 – 01:26:36 Outro

Lover of all things Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, Disney, Pokemon and Studio Ghibli. Favourite superhero is Ms Marvel closely followed by Spider-Man. Currently loving Marvel's Champions run and DC's Metal!

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