Barry Allen returns in the brand new promo for S4 of ‘The Flash’


The CW have released a brand new promo for series 4 of The Flash featuring the return of Barry Allen to Central City! The series returns in October with Barry supposedly being stuck in the speed force for 6 months before his return. The 30 second trailer, titled ‘Hero Reborn’, features a possibly faster & bearded Barry, Cisco announcing a new suit and a glimpse at a brand new villain – Baron Katana. Check it out below!


Now we all know that Barry wouldn’t be trapped in the speed force for long (groan!), but he certainly seems a different man following his time there. In one of the shots we see what looks like the speed force flickering through his eye with an almost Savitar haircut; is this a darker Barry?! Hopefully at the start of the season we’ll see the other characters, especially Kid Flash, get a bit more screen time.

The Flash returns to the CW on Tuesday, October 10th.

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