Podcast #53 – Violett Beane and Power Rangers

In this episode we interview Violett Beane who plays Jesse Quick in The Flash. We also discuss the Flash and Supergirl musical crossover ‘Duet’, we also review Power Rangers & Supernova’s Jubilee – enjoy!

Warning: contains spoilers!

00:00 – 10:44 Intro & News
10:44 – 28:12 The Flash & Supergirl Crossover ‘Duet’
28:12 – 35:05 Violett Beane Interview
35:05 – 54:11 Power Rangers Review
54:11 – 1:00:21 Supernova’s Jubilee Review
1:00:21 – 1:03:00 Outro


Lover of all things Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, Disney, Pokemon and Studio Ghibli. Favourite superhero is Ms Marvel closely followed by Spider-Man. Currently loving Marvel's Champions run and DC's Metal!

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